I should be packing instead of crafting…

Oh my goodness! Makers gotta make, y’all! We are leaving for a trip in the morning and I should be packing, but as I was packing my bible study and devotional supplies I had an idea and I just had to make it!


Bible journaling is a big deal to me, it is my worship and personal spiritual growth tool and I am so fortunate to get to share it with our oldest son. He loves it too!

Illustrated Faith has launched a Kids Club of devotionals and cute printables but they are just too cute for my all-boy son. So, like I made some doodle printables for him to color and paste in his bible, I finally made him a traveler’s journal-style devotional for him to use as well! I am so excited!

I went searching for some simple and free devotionals that I could use for this project and I hit pay dirt at www.jesuslovesmedevotions.com. She created these adorable printable devotions for kids.

For the structure of my project though, her pages wouldn’t work. So I saved them, of course, and then copy and pasted the text on to a two-column word document. Then I printed them front and back on cardstock.

Next, just fold the pages in half to create little books. Since I printed three of her devotionals and didn’t think too hard how they would land in the order of the folded pages I had to get crafty.
I stacked the mini-books in the order I wanted them and then in two batches, layed them together so I could stitch along their middle seams. Then, adding the third book to the back of the middle book, I stitched along their middle seams.

It got a little wonky at one part but for a quick (we are talking 10 minutes here) and crude trial run, this is working great!
Last, I just glued a cover out of this I Love Jesus Words craft paper by the Paper Studio. It looks so cool guys!


All I have to do it cut out some more of the printables I made earlier, cut some tabs out of cool papers and then stuff them in an envelope that I will attach on the inside of the back cover. Then he will have quick acces to his journaling notions.

We will see how much he goes to use this but I will keep you posted. This will be our devotional tool while we are on our trip this weekend.

Does this inspire you to make a travel journal for your child? Let me know, leave a comment!


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