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Bible Journaling for Boys

For months our oldest son has witnessed me painting, drawing, coloring, sticker-ing (is that a word?), and taping in my  bible. And now here recently he has been wanting to journal alongside me in his own bible.

We started with a DIY art journal to do mixed media pieces in, but he was too tempted to do everything but scripture related art in it. I did some digging, and some recollecting of where another bible might be in our garage since I did not want him journaling in his everyday Adventure Bible and remembered I had one still in a moving box in the garage.

I grabbed the bible, some supplies, and my own bible and we sat down together to journal. I honestly didn’t know how it would go. Would he get bored? Would he change his mind? Would he eat it up, just like his momma?

He loved it!

We had sat down last week and I showed him Illustrated Faith’s new Print & Pray Kid’s Devotional, which I thought was so cute. But, that was the problem. It was too cute for my boy. He wanted BOY stuff to use in his journaling entries.

I got on good ol’ Pinterest to find something and there just isn’t any. So I made some and they are big-boy approved!









If you are a mom parent of boys that are interested in the mixed media approach or the print, color, paste approach then I hope you and your kids enjoy using these as well. They were fun to doodle and I can’t wait to see what my kiddo does with them in his bible. Look out for photos on my Instagram @caseyreneeblog.

Do you bible journal with your children? What are their favorite ways to illustrate the things they are learning?

Grace, peace, and hugs!




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