I should be packing instead of crafting…

Oh my goodness! Makers gotta make, y’all! We are leaving for a trip in the morning and I should be packing, but as I was packing my bible study and devotional supplies I had an idea and I just had to make it!

Bible journaling is a big deal to me, it is my worship and personal spiritual growth tool and I am so fortunate to get to share it with our oldest son. He loves it too!

Illustrated Faith has launched a Kids Club of devotionals and cute printables but they are just too cute for my all-boy son. So, like I made some doodle printables for him to color and paste in his bible, I finally made him a traveler’s journal-style devotional for him to use as well! I am so excited! 

I went searching for some simple and free devotionals that I could use for this project and I hit pay dirt at www.jesuslovesmedevotions.com. She created these adorable printable devotions for kids. 

For the structure of my project though, her pages wouldn’t work. So I saved them, of course, and then copy and pasted the text on to a two-column word document. Then I printed them front and back on cardstock. 

Next, just fold the pages in half to create little books. Since I printed three of her devotionals and didn’t think too hard how they would land in the order of the folded pages I had to get crafty. 

I stacked the mini-books in the order I wanted them and then in two batches, layed them together so I could stitch along their middle seams. Then, adding the third book to the back of the middle book, I stitched along their middle seams. 

It got a little wonky at one part but for a quick (we are talking 10 minutes here) and crude trial run, this is working great!

Last, I just glued a cover out of this I Love Jesus Words craft paper by the Paper Studio. It looks so cool guys!


All I have to do it cut out some more of the printables I made earlier, cut some tabs out of cool papers and then stuff them in an envelope that I will attach on the inside of the back cover. Then he will have quick acces to his journaling notions. 

We will see how much he goes to use this but I will keep you posted. This will be our devotional tool while we are on our trip this weekend. 

Does this inspire you to make a travel journal for your child? Let me know, leave a comment!


Bible Journaling for Boys Series: Post 1

Hi there! Glad to see you again! I am back with bible journaling today except this time I am going to feature my son in action with his new bible journaling printables from my earlier post.

L was so excited to get to use these, he chose the viking helmet to prompt his entry. Once he selected the viking helmet we talked about how vikings are strong. This prompt led us to Psalms 31:24. We read the passage and talked about how God gives us strength through Christ when we need it. That we have hope because of Christ and He makes us brave.

From here, L instructed me on how he wanted his page to go. He picked out die cut letters…


Then placed and glued the word STRONG to his pages. He colored and cut out the viking helmet to use as his page tab. And then added word stickers and a stamped heart to write out the verse on his pages.


After everything was adhered he decided to embellish around the stickers like he had seen me do. (They really are always watching us)


Once finished, we read the verse several more times. I will be honest and say that this particular journaling session was impromptu and not as spiritual, and that is okay. Sometimes it will be more about the art. But, I will tell you this; God will use this. I see a desire growing in him and a joy. We had been experiencing some complaining and negativity from him about going to church where before he was always excited to go. Now, he is wanting to be in his bible so frequently. He is even wanting to share bible journaling with his best buddy next door. (We will have to pray about a friendship entry for them to do together!)


Our journaling inspiration comes from image prompts like shown in this post; they are also inspired by teachable moments we encounter everyday, scripture reading, song, and any other way that would initiate pointing conversation to the gospel and learning through God’s word.

My heart is so happy about this journey with him. He is a creative person like his momma so being able to get in our bibles together, pray, read, worship, and make art will create lasting experiences and help him to recall lessons.

I am gearing up to do a workshop at our church to share this with others and believe that by sharing this with L and showing others this engaging way to study God’s word at home with your children, they to might experience the same kind of excitement and joy.

Blessings to you my friend!

Do you and your children journal together? Did you notice a difference in their attitude toward church or bible study when you introduced bible journaling to them? Please share!

Bible Journaling for Boys

For months our oldest son has witnessed me painting, drawing, coloring, sticker-ing (is that a word?), and taping in my  bible. And now here recently he has been wanting to journal alongside me in his own bible.

We started with a DIY art journal to do mixed media pieces in, but he was too tempted to do everything but scripture related art in it. I did some digging, and some recollecting of where another bible might be in our garage since I did not want him journaling in his everyday Adventure Bible and remembered I had one still in a moving box in the garage.

I grabbed the bible, some supplies, and my own bible and we sat down together to journal. I honestly didn’t know how it would go. Would he get bored? Would he change his mind? Would he eat it up, just like his momma?

He loved it!

We had sat down last week and I showed him Illustrated Faith’s new Print & Pray Kid’s Devotional, which I thought was so cute. But, that was the problem. It was too cute for my boy. He wanted BOY stuff to use in his journaling entries.

I got on good ol’ Pinterest to find something and there just isn’t any. So I made some and they are big-boy approved!









If you are a mom parent of boys that are interested in the mixed media approach or the print, color, paste approach then I hope you and your kids enjoy using these as well. They were fun to doodle and I can’t wait to see what my kiddo does with them in his bible. Look out for photos on my Instagram @caseyreneeblog.

Do you bible journal with your children? What are their favorite ways to illustrate the things they are learning?

Grace, peace, and hugs!