Illustrating my heart

Illustrating my heart…

There is a craze among the creative hearts in today’s society of believers. Bible journaling is sweeping social media as Christ followers blend their creative talents with what lessons they are learning in their personal walks of faith. I, too, have taken part.


The beautiful thing about this bible journaling us that there are no rules, no formats to follow, just experimenting and exploring the Word and turning your art into worship.


You can use a journaling bible with margins there for you to create in, you can even leave those margins as your art works its way across tge whole page! I personally aim to keep all the text visible so I can still read everything. But, when you have a prayer, song lyrics, photos, or anything else that you want to include near that passage you can attach what is called a tip-in.


Using washi tape, you can adhere a card or whatever you want to the edges of your bible page so it will open back and not cover the scriptures on the page. It is also great for concealing personal prayers or thoughts. That is what I did with the page above; I wrote out a prayer that inspired this page.


Your bible art can be insired by many things. It may begin with a song, poem, or inspiration quote that leads you to a passage of scripture. Sometimes it will be sermon notes that need remembered in an expressive way. Maybe there is a scripture prayer that begs to be journaled with a handprint or photo of a loved one. I have even journaled around a photo of our house when we were going through the buying process. Inspiration can even come from a devotional or bible study you are working through.


Bible art journaling is a beautiful way to explore scripture and document your journey. But if you are not quite comfortable with drawing in a bible, even one produced specifically for this purpose, you can use a notebook or sketchbook.


However you approach it, the most important part is keeping it centered on God, not art. Don’t feel obligated to go out and buy all the art supplies and special bibles and journals. For me, this all began with a $7 used journaling bible on amazon, a small set of Micron pens and some crayola colored pencils. I am a crafter so I have other supplies on hand like watercolor and acrylic paints. But stickers and die cuts and stamps can be added slowly if you would like. If you aren’t artistic or you don’t like your writing, maybe add an alphabet stamp set and ink pad for a few dollars and then grow your supplies slowly. You may even have a friend that enjoys bible journaling so you can get together with them and share supplies and techniques.


I love spending time in God’s word and journaling the lessons He impresses upon my heart as well as documenting big prayers and seeing how God is working in my life.

Are you a bible journaler? Is this something you are curious about? Share some of your art in the comments! Or link me up to your creations!

Love and peace my friends!


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