Illustrating my heart

Illustrating my heart…

There is a craze among the creative hearts in today's society of believers. Bible journaling is sweeping social media as Christ followers blend their creative talents with what lessons they are learning in their personal walks of faith. I, too, have taken part. The beautiful thing about this bible journaling us that there are no… Continue reading Illustrating my heart…

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Tell Me Once Again Who I Am to You…

I was not expecting this morning. And I am not sure what set it off or how it got to where it went. My guess is the enemy was taking a shot at me and wanted to see how far it could go. I woke up with a happy mood and a giddy in my… Continue reading Tell Me Once Again Who I Am to You…

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{Birth Story} Waiting for River

Waiting for River Estimated Due Date: May 26th, 2014 It is the week before my due date and my mother has come in to stay with me since Dave had been working out of town through the week. It was nice knowing that I wouldn’t be alone if and when labor kicked in and Dave… Continue reading {Birth Story} Waiting for River


{Birth Story} Landon

Landon's Birth Story {Our First Homebirth} On December 11th I woke up around 2 am feeling a tightening in my abdomen. I had not noticeably experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions prior too these so I was pretty certain at what was happening. I laid there on the couch for a little while, waiting for the… Continue reading {Birth Story} Landon

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Tips on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding to me is such an incredible experience. It is a gift that I give to my children, but at the same time provides a gift for me. It has also been a completely different experience with each of our three boys and has given me some perspective to how different it is for each… Continue reading Tips on Breastfeeding