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Tutorial: Customize the Function of Your Prefold Diapers

During my quest for a simpler cloth diapering routine I found Imagine Baby cotton prefold diapers. I had tried the Osocozy brand and was not impressed with the fit. They were really long and narrow and that made them hard to fit on a small, squirmy bottom. But the Imagine Baby prefolds were so soft and had a better width and more manageable length to them. I became an insta-fan.

The thing for me about prefold diapers though was when I folded them I ended up with a very bulky section in the groin. There had to be a better way!

Insert my Customized Prefold Cloth Makeover.

I began with my washed and dried prefolds. Mine had been used several times before so they didn’t need prewashed but if you are starting with brand new prefolds you need to follow washing instructions before you begin.

Laying my prefold out flat, I used my rotary cutter to cut into the prefold toward the center where the absorbency is but not all the way to the stitching. I measured 3 inches down from the serged edges and then drove the cutter in at a very slight rounded angle.


*I apologize for the horribly focused photo. My camera is a little fickle*

Make this exact cut 3 more times so you have 2 on each long side. These will become flaps that you can then customize your fold and fit with.

Next I stitched along each of the cuts. You make choose your stitch based on your machine and skill. You can do an overcast stitch, a zigzag stitch, or a straight stitch. My first round I tried a zigzag stitch and after several washes seemed to have missed fabric in places and had lots of fraying. This time I just did a straight stitch.

It is simply dropping your needle and foot at one end and stitching in to the corner of your cut. I back-stitched at the beginning, the corner, and the end of each cut. Do this on all four cuts and there you go! Super easy!

Now, for the folding…

You can tri-fold the flaps, just as if you would do it before but without the added bulk.

You may also use the jelly-roll technique for added protection from blowouts!

2016-04-26 21.54.02

You can also still adjust the rise just by folding the front down (shown above).

By doing this to my diapers I keep all the function and absorbency that I had before but with much less bulk. It also keeps our diaper changes quick and easier to do one-handed.

Here is my stash! It makes for easy laundering and packing a diaper bag!


Do you use prefold diapers? Would you try this with your diapers? Leave a comment!



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